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Australian Award-Winning Fine Art Photography by Suellen Saidee Cook Exclusive to Gallery Salamanca Hobart Tasmania

Suellen Saidee-Cook Art Photography ~ 'The Storm'

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Suellen Saidee Cook

Award-Winning Fine Art Photographer

Title: 'The Storm'

Limited Edition of 50


  • Unframed - H= cm x L= cm
  • Framed - H= 77cm x L= 107cm

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Artist Statement 

'The Storm'

"This image features the first lighthouse to be built in Tasmania, the Iron Pot, in 1832. Manned lighthouses in Tasmania ended in 1996. This image and “The Lighthouse Keeper” are my interpretation of Lighthouse life. All elements of the image are photographic in origin and don’t necessarily appear in reality as depicted. I have drawn upon memories from childhood, my imagination and interpretation of my thinking on the subject of lighthouse life to conjure a scene that draws the viewer in to take a walk through the image and imagine being there. What does it feel like, what can you smell, what is there to see and discover…to experience and believe the unbelievable.
Last night’s bath was a luxury so refreshing to get rid of all that salt spray, at least for 8 hours anyway, but the storm has arrived and the lighthouse is being lashed by heavy rain, big seas and crashing waves, but the tanks are full. No shipping news today, they are staying well out to sea to ride out the storm. The albatross disappear during storms, wonder where they go?
It’s a hard life for families, cut off from the outside world; only the reciprocating beams from other lighthouses, passing ships and the odd sailboat provide fleeting and fragile contact with the outside world. Trying to contact the mainland is almost impossible during a storm, only a few spots on the island allow phone access…a lifeline. On the end of the jetty is one such spot, but an umbrella in this wind and rain? That won’t last long. The dinghy needs to be secured now too, it’s the only lifeline. In years past it could be many months before any contact with the outside world could be made, life was tough, they resourceful and strong. No good being lonely out here, it is always lonely, but that is its charm and beauty. Yesterday was calm, how quickly the weather can turn, it’s always changing on the lighthouse, crashing waves, an angry ocean but the light remains constant…how vulnerable we feel". ~ Suellen Cook

The image consists of 180 layers, 48 individual photographs. The layered file is 6.77 GB. The rocky outcrop is one of the Thumbs at Tasman Peninsular, Tasmania, the Iron Pot Lighthouse, boat shed on private property at Long Point north of Bicheno, raging sea from Eagle Hawk Neck, Tasmania on a particularly rough sea day.

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