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Australian Award-Winning Fine Art Photography by Suellen Saidee Cook Exclusive to Gallery Salamanca Hobart Tasmania

Suellen Saidee Cook Art Photography ~ 'Gathering Storm'

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Suellen Saidee Cook 

Award-Winning Fine Art Photographer 

Title: 'Gathering Storm'

Limited Edition of 50 


  •    Unframed - H= 50.8cm x L= 76.2cm
  •    Framed (UV Gallery Glass) - H= 84cm x L= 106cm

Eligible for the COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme

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Artist Statement

'Gathering Storm'

The last rays of sun before the gathering storm. The last break in the sky offers hope for what comes after the rage of the storm. A Lighthouse, steadfast and strong, shows us the way forward when we are all at sea. A guiding light at the end of the tunnel that is the vagaries of our life’s journey.

Inspired by the song lyrics written by Mart Saarelaht & Paul Kelly, "Gathering Storm".

"I had a dream

I saw you walking down the road

In a gathering storm

Wind on the rise

A black crow was flying

You alone in a gathering storm

I wake up alone in my bed

There's nothing before my eyes

And outside the door

Only the sighing

And you out there in a gathering storm

So cover you head

Keep your eyes open

Make speed in the gathering storm

I rise up and turn on the light

Now it's shining in my window

My walls are strong

My chimney's smoking

God speed you in the gathering storm"


The image consists of 29 layers and 10 individual photographs. The layered file is 3.2 GB.  

The Lighthouse is Ram Island Ledge Light in Maine, USA.  It sits on a jagged rock at the northside of the entrance to Portland Harbor (Maine). At high tide the ledge is entirely covered by the sea and was the cause of many shipwrecks until the lighthouse was built there in 1905. The grey, granite blocks used to construct the tower were cut from quarries on Vinalhaven Island over 150 kilometres away and give the lighthouse the appearance of being much older than it is.

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