Suellen Cook Art Photography ~ 'Branch Line' - Gallery Salamanca Tasmania
Australian Award-Winning Fine Art Photography by Suellen Saidee Cook Exclusive to Gallery Salamanca Hobart Tasmania

Suellen Saidee Cook Art Photography ~ 'Branch Line'

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Suellen Saidee Cook

Award-Winning Fine Art Photographer

Title: 'Branch Line'

2017 Australian Professional Photography Awards ~ Silver Winner

Limited Edition of 50

Dimensions: H= 66cm x L= 86cm

Eligible for the COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme

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 Artist Statement

'Branch Line'

"Inspired by the Eagles’ song "A Train Leaves Here This Morning" about being cast aside and abandoned.
An image of symbols that speak of being superseded and left behind in time, no longer taken care of. A once thriving and vital lifeblood full of relevance, now no longer in use - an abandoned branch line.
Nevertheless, the nostalgia of a bygone era finds unexpected beauty, things that once were and no longer able, fulfilling their original purpose, still retain their dignity and appeal to the discerning eye.
In the lingering warmth and the last golden rays of the late afternoon sun, with the impending heavy evening clouds drawing in, the colours of the typically Australian rural landscape are accentuated.
A landscape that is abundant with old unused buildings. The old abandoned windmills, often still churning away, bring water to the surface to be enjoyed only by local wildlife. Beauty lingers there in the nostalgia of days gone by." ~ Suellen Cook
I fell in love with this teeny weeny building that reminded me so much of an abandoned railway station out in the back of beyond and knew instinctively what I wanted to do with it. The image consists of 53 layers and 16 individual photographs. The layered file is 4GB in size.

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