Suellen Cook Art Photography ~ 'No. 13 Ficifolia Street' - Gallery Salamanca Tasmania

Suellen Cook Art Photography ~ 'No. 13 Ficifolia Street'

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Suellen Saidee Cook

Award Winning Fine Art Photographer

Title: 'No. 13 Ficifolia Street'

Limited Edition of 50


  • Unframed - H= cm x L= cm
  • Framed - H= cm x L= cm

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Artist Statement 

'No. 13 Ficifolia Street'

"No. 13 Ficifolia St is a whimsical manifestation of a house I walked past as a child. It was dark and mysterious with lots of steps, columns and a very dark garden, towering over and dominating the street, and little me as I hastened past. It made me wonder who the scary person was who lived there, it always seemed like a place of dark magic and my pace would quicken, hoping no-one would see my tiny scared face peering in. As I grew up, this place had strong reminders for me of Miss Havisham's house of Great Expectations fame. Although the house still exists, it is not so scary now as an adult but it still makes those feelings rise to the surface and create pulse quickening memories of the impression I had of this place and the tangible fear it embodied for me. The landscape was shot at the Blue Tier NE Tasmania.

All elements of the image are photographic in origin and don’t necessarily appear in reality as depicted. I have drawn upon my childhood, interpreting my imagination and memories drawing the viewer in to take a walk through the image and imagine being there. How does it make you feel, what can you smell, what do you see, what is there to discover, have you been here before?…to experience for yourself and believe the unbelievable." ~ Suellen Cook

144 layers, 61 individual photos, layered file is 10.62 GB. The scene was shot in NE Tasmania wilderness.

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