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Suellen Cook Art Photography ~ 'The Constant Tide of Incoming Moments'

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Suellen Saidee Cook

Award Winning Fine Art Photographer

'The Constant Tide of Incoming Moments'

2017 Australian Professional Photography Awards ~ Silver Winner

Limited Edition of 50

Dimensions: H= 66cm x L= 86cm

Eligible for the COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme.

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 Artist Statement

'The Constant Tide of Incoming Moments'

"I have been undertaking a bit of a personal project this year, taking photos of the beach and waves where I live, in all sorts of weather and through all seasons, to see how it changes over throughout the year. I had intended to take a shot every day but it became quite hard. For one thing, I was at work before daylight and getting home after dark. Then, road works undertaken on the access road stopped me from going there. But most of all, I just got busy.

However, on this particular day, the waves were just stunning. Relentlessly, one after the other, that amazing break curled over the top with each one different from the others. It was so peaceful, apart from the sound of the waves. I could’ve sat there forever, watching.

I see Black-Faced Cormorants regularly along the coast near my home, but usually, they are in big flocks hanging their wings out to dry. However, this one, all alone, seemed somewhat uneasy looking over its shoulder, as if calling for the rest of the flock…Perhaps it's the effect of the full moon. They say birds are more active under a full moon." ~ Suellen Cook

'The Constant Tide of Incoming Moments' consists of 26 layers, 4 individual images with a file size of 140 Mb.