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Suellen Cook Art Photography ~ 'Spilt Milk'

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Suellen Saidee Cook

Award Winning Fine Art Photography

Title: 'Spilt Milk'

Limited Edition of 50


  • Unframed - H= 50.8cm x L= 64.2cm 
  • Framed - H= 84cm x L= 94cm

Eligible for the COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme

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Artist Statement

'Spilt Milk'

"When I was young I wanted a tree house. I begged my father who was very capable of building one, to do it…but being the young child I was, I didn’t really understand that we didn’t have a tree sturdy enough to support one. I must have really been annoying. I would proffer all sorts of solutions, but alas none were acceptable. Friends who lived further up in the bush where I grew up had a real tree house…I was so envious. I have always wanted my own tree house.

What we did have though was an old chook shed. It became my cubby house despite it being planted squarely on the ground. Little did my parents know, I would climb onto the roof as though it was a secret place….there was an ornamental grapevine growing up the front of the shed amongst the chicken wire, no doubt holding the whole thing up. On the roof, it formed a “hedge" along the front so I could hide from whoever came out of the house and so not see me. I imagined and acted out all sorts of things in and on that chook shed. It was my go-to-place. It held my imagination in its care until I could return to unlock the door and let it out to play.

As the years moved on, I left the old chook shed behind. When I wanted to buy a house I wanted one with stairs (so I could pretend I was in a tree house) but when I got it, those stairs became a nuisance. I perhaps should have seen it as a chance to get fit, but really they became a burden due to the layout of the house, no doubt. I have now passed the point where I look back and long for a tree house. I still want one, but I don’t need one.

But if I did, this is what it would be like, just like this, overlooking the water, stairs (of course) and a tower to keep an eye on what’s going on and watch the Lighthouse shining out. I would probably be a crazy cat lady but my cat would be an inside cat being over the water and all, so I could still have the wild birds around me, free, not caged. My tree house would be warm and welcoming, full of flotsam and jetsam picked up along the beach, packed full of curiosities and whimsical bibs and bobs….Maybe I do need a Tree House". ~ Suellen Cook


The image consists of over 50 photographs and 176 layers. The layered file is 9.24 GB. The landscape was shot at Mallacoota on the Victorian east coast. The house is made from a base shot of the amenities shed at Cape Nelson Lighthouse in Victoria. All other component elements have been shot around my own or my family’s homes. The cat belongs to my daughter and the spilt milk is real milk!

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