Suellen Cook Art Photography ~ 'I am Here' - Gallery Salamanca Tasmania

Suellen Cook Art Photography ~ 'I am Here'

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Suellen Saidee Cook

Award Winning Fine Art Photographer

Title: 'I am Here'

Limited Edition of 50


  • Unframed - H= cm x L= cm
  • Framed - H= 83cm x L= 89cm

Eligible for the COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme

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Artist Statement

'I am Here'

"I love storms. I remember standing out on the front verandah as a small child along with my older sister, holding Dad’s hand, watching the lightening and waiting, counting the seconds until the thunder happened. He told us you could tell how far away the storm was by counting the seconds between seeing the lightning and hearing the thunder. The number of seconds equalled the number of miles away the storm was. So counting was very important. We would shriek with delight every time a lightning flash happened…it seemed to stop time, like a movie still, lighting up our street in an eerie white light turning everything into a colourless photograph.

I still hope for passing thunderstorms, waiting…I am here, come and dance your magic around me. Turn my world into a black and white photograph…just for a second." ~ Suellen Cook

The image consists of 83 layers, 12 individual photographs. The layered file size is 6.53 GB. The jetty was photographed at Rosetta in Tasmania. 

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