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Suellen Cook Art Photography ~ 'The Gatherer's Daughter'

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Suellen Saidee Cook

Award Winning Fine Art Photographer

Title: 'The Gatherer's Daughter'

Limited Edition of 150


  • Unframed - H= cm x L= cm
  • Framed - H= cm x L= cm

Eligible for the COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme

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Artist Statement

'The Gatherer's Daughter'

"The piece comprises 19 separate photographs and 85 layers blended and woven together to produce a new seascape telling the story of our planet’s future. In particular, the threat to species diversity and imminent mass extinctions brought about by the consequences of climate change. The image speaks of what will be inherited by future generations and that life will very likely look different to what we enjoy now, a home on a quarter acre block in the suburbs. It cannot be ignored; we must do all that is possible if we are to ameliorate and alleviate the unstoppable consequences of our current behaviour. But that is something that only another generation will fully understand and be prepared to make the sacrifices to preserve life, all life, on earth." ~ Suellen Cook

The landscape features the Thumbs and Hypolite Rock on the Tasman Peninsular, Tasmania.

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