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Glass Manifesto ~ Goldfields Vases

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Peter Bowles of Glass Manifesto

Goldfields Vases

Originally titled Blossom Jars, Goldfields came to be through a deeper understanding of colonial Australia and its social and political development in relation to the geological and mineralogical foundations on which it grew.
Goldfields are defined by the layers upon layers upon layers of gold and silver leaf that create a fascinating pattern of overlapping boundaries and intersections that suggest a sense of mapping across and throughout the form.
''….there is a slightly guilty pleasure in using as much gold and silver in these pieces as I do, but I love the nuanced surfaces and depth that each layer adds to the piece, it’s definitely a more is more thing.'' ~ Peter Bowles

As each piece is bespoke, measurements are approximate. Please contact the gallery for details and images of current stock on hand.

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