Glass Manifesto ~ Caneworks 'Mini Range' in Cobalt - Gallery Salamanca

Glass Manifesto ~ Caneworks 'Mini Range' in Cobalt

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Peter Bowles of Glass Manifesto

Caneworks 'Mini Range'

"I’ve always held a deep regard for the commitment that makers make to understand their materials and process. I’m intrigued by the relationship between available technology, human dexterity and practical ingenuity. I’m interested in how these factors interplay as critical aspects of the evolution of contemporary craft and object making.
Caneworks are in some way a reflection on this and have become a fascinating project. Based on the reticello technique – a technique that has woven its way through much of my practice. The patternation relies on the interaction of chemically reactive glasses and the palette that arises from these interactions. Then further, how these interplay with glasses with a differing physical hardness.
Born out of my admiration and fascination with traditional European glassmaking practices, and combining this with a range of extraordinary materials (thank you Gaffer Glass) this evolving body of work is at last a way of finding my own voice with the reticello technique. ~ Peter Bowles

Size Range ~ H= 100-160cm x W= 80-100cm

As each piece is bespoke, measurements are approximate. Please contact the gallery for details and images of current stock on hand.