Gillie and Marc ~ Bronze 'They were the Whale Riders' - Gallery Salamanca Tasmania

Gillie and Marc Bronze Sculpture ~ 'They Were the Whale Riders'

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Gillie and Marc Art

Bronze Sculpture

Title: 'They Were the Whale Riders'

Editions: /100

Materials: Bronze with Blue Patina

Dimensions: H= 22cm x L= 19cm x W= 24cm

Weight: 3.1kg

Artists Statement 

Gillie and Marc have always had a strong connection to whales. About ten years ago the family went whale watching in New Zealand. The four of them wore matching jackets which brought on lots of laughter and high-fives. Even though their son Ben got sea sick, they remember it as one of the best holidays they have every taken. 

The artists created this sculpture because Dogman and Rabbitgirl have a special affinity with all animals. This unparalleled respect and kinship means various animals all over the world, even the elusive whale, will invite Dogman and Rabbitgirl to ride on top of them in an expression of friendship.

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