Gillie and Marc ~ Bronze 'The Travelers Have Arrived' - Gallery Salamanca Tasmania

Gillie and Marc Bronze Sculpture ~ 'The Travelers Have Arrived'

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Gillie and Marc Art Bronze Sculpture

Title: 'The Travelers Have Arrived'

Editions: /100

Materials: Bronze with Green Patina 

Dimension: H= 26.5cm x L= 11cm x W= 21cm 

Weight: 1.9kg

Artists Statement 

In 2012, Gillie and Marc created a life-sized sculpture The Travellers Have Arrived to be featured in the Sculpture By the Sea exhibition in Sydney’s Bondi Beach. Gillie and Marc see Bondi as a pilgrimage where backpackers from around the world flock to call it home. In this artwork, Dogman and Rabbitgirl were inspired by Mary and Joseph and this artwork represented Bondi as a modern-day Bethlehem.

Gillie and Marc believe that good things come in small packages so they recreated this beautiful sculpture as the perfect way to enliven spaces such as bookcases, windowsills, or even a bathroom.


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