Andrew Causon Painting ~ 'Mrs Blossom' (Shirley MacLaine) - Gallery Salamanca Hobart Tasmania

Andrew Causon Painting ~ 'Mrs Blossom' (Shirley MacLaine)

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Andrew Causon Painting

Title: 'Mrs Blossom' (Shirley MacLaine)

Medium: Oil on Canvas 

Dimensions: H= 126cm x L= 95cm 

Eligible for the COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme

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 Artist Statement

"The title for this work comes from a much liked Shirley MacLaine film, "The Bliss of Mrs Blossom".   

She is a very colourful character and the work reflects this quality. 

Its textures and visual impact are, I think, quite unique. It speaks of life and vibrancy and was a pleasure to paint." ~ Andrew Causon 

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