Textile Artisans at Gallery Salamanca Tasmania


Gallery Salamanca represent the creative textile artisans ~ Jeannine Binoth, June Hope, Mahdi Chandler and Sonja Cook.

The bespoke nature of their work makes it's difficult to sell online which is why their work is not available to purchase on our website.

Please Contact Us for further info and images of the current work we're exhibiting in the gallery.

June Hope Textile Artist at Gallery Salamanca Tasmania

June Hope
~ Bespoke Felted Scarves

Since playing with fabrics as a small child at the feet of her dressmaker mother, June has been a textile junkie. Still she simply can’t pass by fabrics without touching!

Creative expression has been part of June’s life since childhood; colour and texture always attracting her. It's only in recent times that June has been able to return to art as expression of her creativity after having, for many years, been busier than is healthy in a professional life. Relocating to Tasmania from Melbourne in 2007 provided her with the opportunity to explore the magic of wet felting which she found brings together many of the mediums she’d previously worked in.

Felting is an ancient and elementary craft that pre-dates any other method of making fabric. It is this simplicity; something primal, tactile and organic that June finds so appealing - like a connection to something very ancient.

"I'm always surprised and excited by what seems like magic when the alchemy of the felting process produces something so distinctively different than the sum of the parts in what is surely a serendipitous act. The works really do take on a life of their own and speak their own language.

To work in such a simple medium and produce contemporary, relevant, exciting and beautiful works touches a simplicity which seems mostly lost in the high tech world we live in. And the meditative process of felting brings a great sense of serenity and wellbeing.

Fleece, fabrics and fibres are the mediums for me to create art for the body and soul. It is my hope that my efforts may bring both inspiration and joy".


Mahdi Chandler Textile Artist at Gallery Salamanca Tasmania

Mahdi Chandler ~ Bespoke Hand-dyed Scarves

Colour and texture on cloth and paper have been the focus of my work since I trained as a Visual Art Teacher in the mid 1970’s. An interest in old and new dyeing techniques has greatly influenced the direction of my textile and mixed media work. Travelling in South East Asia, China, Japan, Europe and North Africa has furthered my knowledge & understanding of these skills.

My home & studio at Gordon, in Southern Tasmania, provides endless inspiration for my work. Sunrise over Bruny Island, moon reflections on the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, sun sets behind Mt Grosse, colours, textures and light ebb and flow in this unique land and seascape marking the seasons and my days in the studio.

Currently my work has a particular focus on dyeing and printing with our native plants, working with Indigo vats, rust baths and creating textured surfaces with a variety of simple resist & printmaking techniques.


Sonja Cook Handbags at Gallery Salamanca Tasmania 

Sonja Cook ~ Bespoke Leather Handbags

"I was born in the former Czechoslovakia in 1968. My ambition as a child was to become a chimney sweep. I thought that it was the most romantic occupation ever. What could be better than sitting on the sunny roof in between the pigeons? I also always really liked the patchwork of the old tiled roofs.

Another thing that I was planning as a 6 year old was to move to Australia. I heard about somewhere that was far away and being fed on movies about World War II and having Russians “camping in the back garden” I thought that I’d be safe on that far away and exotic continent.

As it happens I have never swept a chimney in my life but I can’t complain as half of my dreams have been fulfilled.

When I work on my pieces I’m with my dreams and memories. Creating for me is like going back to childhood and playing without the worries and responsibilities of adulthood."

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