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Suellen Saidee Cook Latest Series

Tasmanian Based Australian Art Photographer, Suellen Saidee Cook, Self-Isolation Series Exhibition at Gallery Salamanca in Hobart Tasmania

Tasmanian based Australian award-winning fine art photographer, Suellen Saidee Cook's ~ "Self-Isolation" Series is now available at Gallery Salamanca in Hobart Tasmania.

"This series was born from what was happening in our lives during a compulsory period of self-isolation. I plan for this series to be 14 new images using the same base elements, representing the quirks and whimsies of everyday life as we might experience during the isolation period. There is some artistic licence involved so don’t take it too seriously but I hope you can identify with some of these scenes and relate them to your own life during this difficult period and enjoy the whimsy, folly and humour I have tried to infuse into this situation we are all facing.

The series starts with...

'A Certain Uncertainty' in response to the initial fear and scariness of what we were about to face;

'Pretty New Clothes' in response to “Am I contaminated?”;

'Red Velvet' in response to “Life is changing, has my old life gone forever?”;

'Home Delivery' in response to “There are too many people at the supermarket, I might catch it”;

'Cut Grass' in response to “I may as well get to work and do the normal chores, it might make me feel more normal”.

So far I have 6 more in the pipeline. The challenge is to have the photographs I need already in my library and not have to go out to capture something new. Keep watch (that’s another one)." ~ Suellen Saidee Cook 

Each Image in this series is available in 2 print sizes:

540 mm x 540 mm (21.5” x 21.5”) in a Limited Edition of 30

380 mm x 380 mm (15” x 15”) in a Limited Edition of 50

Printed on Canson Infinity RAG Photographique 100% Cotton Rag Art Paper.