Suellen Cook

Suellen Cook Award Winning Fine Art Photography at Gallery Salamanca Hobart Tasmania

Suellen's work explores another dimension of the photographic medium and uses the Australian landscapes, iconic landmarks and beautiful places to transform the viewer into an emotional experience, something that evokes memory and feeling. It is neither traditional or abstract.

Suellen uses her own photographic resources and draws from her experience growing up in Tasmania to construct a narrative that taps into the viewer’s emotional responses to the Australian and Tasmanian experience.

Her work invokes personal and relatable memories of growing up, depicting a believable sense of reality but of dreamlike origin, expressing the emotional connections with Australia. Many feature landscape elements are identifiable as uniquely Tasmanian. The images capture the viewer’s imagination, drawing them closer to immerse themselves in the detail that is sometimes not immediately evident.

"I believe that no matter where you might have grown up or where you might live you can connect with the story of the images and be transported to another time in your life as we all possess common threads of experience in our lives where ever we are born, or call home, how we grew up, the experiences we had. I present another dimension of photography not normally encountered where a new world is created for the viewer to lose themselves within and tap into their memories and imagination." ~ Suellen Cook

Suellen's work is permanently available to view at Gallery Salamanca. She is a featured participant in the Tasmanian Arts Guide.