Stef Callaghan

"My figurative work is character based. I especially enjoy the involvement and interactions of women as they proceed with their daily life.

I draw great inspiration from my experiences and observations of life in Tasmania, France and Ireland, and the rich tapestry of people who call these places home." ~ Stef Callaghan

Stef went to college late in life to study Art Theory. She started painting in 1994, and has exhibited in Perth, Western Australia, as well as in her hometown of Hobart, Tasmania. She is also a frequent visitor to Ireland, and shows her work at The Kenny Gallery in Galway.

Born in Malaysia in 1954, she and her family lived all over the world before settling in Australia. It was in Tasmania where she met her husband, George Callaghan, an accomplished artist and musician.

After several years of living in France, Stef and George have returned to Tasmania and are currently residing in Hobart.