Somrak Maneemai (Yen)

"Beliefs, truths, memories, dreams, sensory experiences, happiness, suffering…

These are the elements informing my work. Rising and falling, connections forming and growing.  As I apply washes to the canvas I begin responding to images that float up in my mind. A web of images and ideas grow and a picture forms. It is a meditative process. It is much the same as we go through life; responding, building, remembering, dreaming.  It is sometimes conscious and sometimes not.  Our history shapes us. A story unfolds." 

Originally from the Krabbi province in Thailand, Somrak (aka Yen) grew up in a small village in a family of rubber farmers. He left home at 15 to study art at a college in Nakon Si Thamarat and later, Silpakorn University, Bangkok.

In 2003, Somrak abandoned the photo-realist style of his previous work. After the death of his mother, he found himself revisiting childhood memories and began experimenting with notions of cloud gazing. Gradually, a new style emerged which Somrak continues to develop and evolve.

His gallery, the Red Gallery, is located at the Phuket Art Village, which he established with 6 other artists at the Southern end of Phuket.

In 2013, Somrak moved to Hobart with his Tasmanian born wife and two beautiful children.

Somrak: Prolific Painter from Jo Stuart on Vimeo.