Rodney James Alexander

Rodney James Alexander studied Fine Arts at the University of Newcastle, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Art in 2000.

Alexander had an unusual upbringing growing up living on a yacht with his family. They travelled up and down the East Coast of Australia and he did all of his schooling via correspondence. Whilst at university he supported himself with his artworks and classical finger-picking style guitar.

In 2010, Alexander moved from Sydney to Southern Tasmania where he formed Celtic-folk fusion group Keystone Angel with his partner Hiedi Limebeer. Keystone Angel perform at music festivals. They have recently returned from touring and performing with Emmy/Grammy Award singer Toni Childs and several music festivals.

Alexander has exhibited widely including recent solo exhibitions 'Chromascura' and 'Zephyr The West Wind' in 2017.

His work is held in many private collections.

Alexander's obsession with flowers began early one morning at the Hobart botanical gardens in 2015. His oil paintings celebrate the complexity and beauty of flora. His main aim, “is to challenge the viewer to see the beauty of nature as a bee or insect would; as a powerful urge, a survival instinct. To show an object in nature that we see as small and merely pleasing to the senses as the sole repository of our every urge."

In Roman mythology, Flora was a goddess of flowers and of the season of Spring. A symbol for nature, flowers and fertility. The Roman goddess of flowers (Flora) and the personification of the West Wind (Zephyr) were very popular subjects for painters and sculptors throughout the history of art – including Botticelli, Brueghel the Elder, and Giambattista Tiepolo.