Robert Wynne

"My work portrays contrasting impulses within. I love the challenge of technical precision but I need to be able to play and explore. I enjoy making beautiful objects but I am not afraid to create pieces that evoke emotions more complex than just aesthetic appreciation. In some ways I’m an anarchist, I’m not happy when things are just comfortable. I am restless, always looking for an angle and this is reflected in a body of work that is quite diverse.

Having said this, there are common threads running through my work. I love the gorgeous glow of light through frosted glass and have a fascination with lustrous, iridescent finishes; particularly with the way that light is manipulated, reflected and transmitted. I take inspiration from a broad range of influences including historical glass-making practices and formal sculptural dialogue.

My recent work featuring the Raven and other birds engages with themes of desire, the fragility of wealth and the concept of security." ~ Robert James Wynne