Mark O'Brien (Obie)

Mark O'Brien (Obie as he prefers to be called) spent his childhood in Hawthorn and Healesville, Victoria Australia. He now lives in West Ridgley, North West Tasmania. Obie is a self taught artist who has been 'dabbling' in art since his high school days. Some of his earliest paintings were brightly coloured enamels on a Masonite that depicted hundreds of tiny, round-headed stick figures marching across numerous hills. He continued to work in this whimsical style in pencils and textas on paper for many years, but over the last three, has discovered oils and canvas.

Obie has a compulsion to paint and in his 20's when he worked at Dampier, Western Australia, if he had no materials for painting, he would paint over old sign posts scavenged from the area. Many of these were hung in workers quarters, and would hang alongside their magazine centrefolds - 'a contrast to be sure'.

Since 1988, Obie has had various solo exhibitions each one increasing in popularity and giving him more confidence in his style, allowing him to progress and experiment with different mediums and new textures -- discovering new ways to create different textures in the essence of Obie's fascination with his art. He feels no restriction in combining all manner of mediums in creating his fantasies and loves being imaginative, feeling that each painting expresses a life of its own. He enjoys the fact that those who are drawn to his style experience joy at first sight.