Lynda Salmon

Lynda Salmon grew up on a farm in the lower midlands of Tasmania and has crafted and created since she was a small child.

In the 1990’s she spent four years overseas travelling and absorbing the culture and crafts of other countries. On her return to Tasmania, she enrolled in an Associate Diploma of Art, Craft and Design majoring in jewellery construction and has now been designing and creating her own jewellery for twenty years.

Her early designs were influenced by her travels but in recent years she is more inspired by the large, wild garden she has carved out of the bushland surrounding her studio.

Lynda works in sterling silver and fine silver with rose gold highlights. She uses a traditional and labour intensive technique where each piece of jewellery is completely constructed by hand. Firstly, the main structure is fabricated and then each embellishment is separately made and then soldered onto the design. No two pieces can ever be exactly the same. Therefore, each item of jewellery is completely unique.

Using this method creates a depth and authenticity not achievable by using the casting technique used by many other jewellers.