Kate Smith

"As with many artists, my work is an extension of myself and of life’s experiences. It’s always my desire to produce a synthesis of artistic dreamlike images that inspire a sense of freedom and tranquillity. My whimsical world is a blend of fantasy images in which quirky dreams and reality are mixed so that the borders between fantasy and reality become blurred, a world that vignettes life." ~ Kate Smith

Although not formally trained, Kate is an accomplished artist as evident by her recognition as one of the best Pastel Artists in Australia, with many awards and accolades to her credit.

What is remarkable, is this self-taught artist never uses live models. The images “create themselves”. Coming from the artist’s own conscious and from somewhere deep within her spirit, her work expresses her understanding of life’s magnificence and sometimes, indifference.

Admirers of her work marvel at the glorious colours she obtains from the use of pastel, dry pigment, and lustres techniques. In the midst of all the sweet shades of light that embrace her women, there is a calmness and serenity in her works.

"Radiant silhouette of enchanted magical beauty seemingly realistic, mysterious, not verbose in their plot, colouristic and tasteful ~ they do not have high journalistic ambitions, the work simply makes one happy and joyful."

Kate was born in Manchester, England in 1947. At the age of six, her family moved to New Zealand where she was raised. Since 1979, Kate has resided in Australia and now lives with her husband in Tasmania, where she practices her art on a full-time basis.