Gordon Studio Glass



Gordon Studio Glassblowers is the creative team of Australian glass artists, Eileen Gordon and Grant Donaldson. Over the years, Eileen and Grant have created a wide vocabulary of blown forms, revisiting and refining earlier shapes whilst extending experimentation and their mastery of colour, scale and understanding of the capricious nature of glassblowing.

 Eileen Gordon

"My passion for colour and form as a fused glass artist is greatly inspired by the environment of the Mornington Peninsula – the surrounding ocean, its sunrises and fabulous sunsets.”

Born in Norway to Scottish parents who are both skilled glass artists and engravers, Eileen completed her training in England, then emigrated to Australia in 1980.

After many years developing her skills and working in glass studios around Australia and overseas, Eileen Gordon established the Gordon Studio with her partner Grant Donaldson in 1990 and has gone on to become one of Australia’s foremost glass blowers.

Eileen’s elegant vessels are a radiant record of the colour and light she finds in the Australian landscape.


 Grant Donaldson

"As a farmer, I came to feel part of the Australian landscape - as a glass artist, my work is a natural extension of that. I love the difficulties of working with glass, the dangers and thrill of exploration and experimentation - finding new and more challenging ways through the medium of glass blowing to express my feelings about the land ”

After working on the land for 15 years Grant started his career in glass in 1990, assisting his wife Eileen Gordon to establish the Gordon Studio Glassblowers.

Essentially untrained, Grant’s progress as a glass artist has been remarkable. Encouraged by Eileen, a renowned glass blower, by 1994 Grant had already started working full time on his own unique range of glass art. Today he is recognised as one of Australia’s most experimental and exciting new glass blowers.