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Andrew Causon Painting ~ 'At Prayer' - Gallery Salamanca Tasmania

Andrew Causon Painting ~ 'At Prayer'

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Andrew Causon Painting

'At Prayer'

Oil on Canvas (Cascading Dyptch)

Dimensions: H= 77cm x L= 102cm (Per each panel)

Eligible for the COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme

Artist Statement
My wife and I visited Maria Island and Mrs Hunt's Cottage in February, 2016. Mrs Hunt was the last permanent resident of the Island and operated a pedal radio as the only communication with the rest of the world.
These two remaining fig trees from a long-lost garden now dominate the landscape about her tiny cottage. While the surrounding area is scattered with fragments of red brick from lost structures, all that now remains are the fruit trees that serve no function and an unoccupied cottage.
Fatally the sky and land will outlast even these relics. In compensation, we have for now, their dramatic beauty and the situation’s historic irony.
To us the trees appeared to be in a state of prayerful grace. The reason for this is unclear but maybe they would appreciate a break from the relentless wind.