Through the Eyes of Esther Shohet ~ 'The Visitors'

Esther Shohet Painting ~ 'The Visitors' - Gallery Salamanca
Esther Shohet Painting ~ 'The Visitors' 

Oil on Cotton / Diptych 

Dimensions: H= 98cm x L= 83cm (each panel) 

Eligible for the COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme

Note: Due to the nature of artwork, please contact Gallery Salamanca on +61 3 6223 5022 to receive a shipping quote.

 Artist Statement

'The Visitors'

"Having recently moved from the country to suburbia, I was pleasantly surprised to see some of my favourite birds, Kookaburras, on my morning walks. They always seem to be hanging around, mostly on top of power poles. But one day, one little fellow was just sitting there on my deck and I knew I just had to paint it, especially with the view of MONA as the backdrop. And so my Kookaburra visitor wasn't too lonely, I took the liberty of adding a few more in my painting, creating a lovely Kookaburra family. I am an artist after all. ~ Esther Shohet