The Creatively Clever Australian Pastel Artist, Kate Smith, Does It Again

Kate Smith Painting ~ 'Rock Fishing' - Gallery Salamanca Hobart Tasmania

"At the bottom of the sea
Swam a little fish...and me
A canny clever thing I be
I'll not be anybody's tea.

Alas a little fishy friend
One day he met a gruesome end
A helping fin, I tried to lend
That hook was stuck...it would not bend

I vowed right then to stay away
From little worms that came my way
My plankton dinners were OK
The price of worm I would not pay! 

But one day as I swam on by
A glint of silver caught my eye
My fishy heart expelled a sigh
I clean forgot I might fry

A little look, it couldn't hurt
A silver sinker quite inert
Just around the edge I'll flirt
After all, I'm so alert

It is good to have a clever mind
A daring heart is mighty fine
But luck that day was just not mine
My tail got tangled in that line

That slow ascent had now begun
I knew my "goose" was truly "done"
That hook and worm I always shun...
without a bite, their work was done!

But then my joy returned.............yippee!
As that bloke untangled me
"This fish is way too wee"
He hurled me back into the sea!

The lesson that I now relate
Which nearly sealed a horrid fate
Is while your cravings might be great
There is no safe way to play with bait."
~ Unknown ~
Kate Smith Painting
Medium: Pastel on 100% Rag Paper
Mounting: Framed in Black
Dimensions: Unframed - H= 75cm x L= 75cm / Framed - H= 103cm x L= 103cm
Eligible for the COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme