Tasmanian Artist, Esther Shohet, Pays Tribute to 'The Oystercatchers'

Esther Shohet Painting ~ 'The Oystercatchers' Hobart - Gallery Salamanca

"'The Oystercatchers' is based on my favourite bird that frequents the Claremont Golf Course, on the outskirts of Hobart, Tasmania. I love their stark black and white – so graphic, so clean, with the only touch of colour in their beaks. It seems they are never alone and hardly ever random. They're almost always in some sort of line or formation, like a uniformed marching band." ~ Esther Shohet
Esther Shohet Painting 
Medium: Palette Knife Oil on Canvas 
Mounting: Framed - White
Dimensions: Framed - H= 133cm x L= 102cm
Eligible for the COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme