Please Help Gallery Salamanca to Raise Funds to "Save Little Grace"

Please Support Us in "Saving Little Grace" - Gallery Salamanca in Hobart Tasmania

Please help us in our efforts in 💜"Saving Little Grace"💜.

As our contribution to this worthwhile cause, we're donating the painting entitled 'Fusion' by Tasmanian abstract artist, Mitch Miller, which is valued at $7,800.

This "joyful" work will be available for viewing at the gallery until Saturday, the 14th of September, where it will then be auctioned at "A Night for Little Grace" Fundraising Cocktail Event at the Blundstone Arena Function Centre.

To register your interest ahead of the event, you can email: You can also contact us on 03 6223 5022 / or go to the "Saving Little Grace" FB page for more details:

Thank you for any support you can give!

Saving Little Grace

Together with a team of volunteers, I (Angela Bond) am assisting Natalie Page and Chris Street in their efforts to raise a significant level of funds for the necessary medical treatment of their daughter, Grace. The fundraising target which has been set for Grace’s desperately needed medical expenses is in excess of $350,000.


Grace is a gorgeous, sassy and cheeky three year old. She has a twin brother, Isaac, and an older sister, Elena.

Right now, Grace doesn’t know she is sick – that has been an intentional decision made by her family. Put simply, Grace’s family are unsure what is ahead but they do not want Grace’s simple, happy outlook on life to be burdened with the knowledge that she isn’t well.

To say Grace “isn’t well” is an understatement. The problem is threefold for Grace and her family:

Grace suffers from Abernathy malformation, which means that she was born without a portal vein from her liver. Abernathy malformation is an incredibly complex, rare, and (if left untreated) terminal blood vessel condition. Without delving into the specifics of Grace’s condition, the absence of a portal vein leaves her little body and vitally important organs (such as her brain, heart and other critical internal organs, including her lungs) exposed to risk of severe damage without warning. In short, the risk arises from the fact that Grace’s little body is exposed to the circulation of unfiltered blood;

The risk of complications exponentially increase by the age of four; and Grace will be turning four in October this year.

The medical advice which has been received by Natalie and Chris is that Grace can be cured, but in order to access that cure she needs to travel to the United States to receive an exceedingly complex surgery from Dr Riccardo Superina (AKA Dr Superman).

Dr Superina is a specialist of high regard internationally. He practices from the Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, and is described as “a world-renowned authority in the field of pediatric liver, kidney and intestinal transplantation and an internationally recognized expert in the surgical treatment of complex hepatobiliary conditions”.

To put that another way, Dr Superina is world leader in curing structural anomalies of the liver. No equivalent expertise exists within Australia. The only “alternative” option which exists (organ transplants) is not a true alternative for Grace due to the complexities of her condition and the considerable risks which transplants carry for Grace’s little body.

Natalie and Chris have unfortunately been unable to obtain any Government funding to assist them in meeting the costs of accessing this highly specialised treatment in the United States.


The fundraising target for Grace’s medical treatment is simply beyond the reach of Natalie, Chris and their support network. They are, however, hopeful that with assistance from the right parties it will be possible to raise sufficient funds.

We are in the process of arranging a fundraising cocktail event for Grace on 14 September. We have locked in Blundstone Arena as our venue. The event will feature a silent auction.

To make the silent auction a real success, we are calling on individuals and local business to generously provide donations of their goods, vouchers, products or other items of value.

And this is where we come in...