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Our Creatives Who Make Gallery Salamanca

Welcome to the new Gallery Salamanca website.

We are very fortunate to represent, support and team with an amazing group of incredibly talented Tasmanian and Australian (mainland) artists and makers.

Thanks to the following creative individuals who MAKE Gallery Salamanca!

Actually Really

Alfred Buchinger

Andrew Causon

Bernadine Alting

Bobby-Z Lambert

Brad Latham

Bruce Halpin

Bruce Spaulding

Carmen Reuter

Chris Quinn

Eddie Wentorf

Esther Shohet

Fink & Co. (Robert Foster 1963~2016)

Grant Medwin

George Callaghan

Hasa Design

Helen Barnard

Indeco ~ Patrick & Mieke Senior-Loncin

Glass Manifesto ~ Peter Bowles & Anne Clifton

Gordon Studio Glass ~ Eileen Gordon & Grant Donaldson

James Dodson

Jeannine Binoth

Josie Birchall

June Hope

Karen Armstrong

Kathy George

Laurence King

Lisa Britzman

Lynda Salmon

Mahdi Chandler

Mark O'Brien (Obie)

Noel Hart

Paul & Barbara Ashbee

Paul Cruttenden

Phillip McKay

Rebecca Roth

Rex Turnbull

Richard Stanley

Robert Mitchell

Roberta Easton

Roberto Di Martino

Rynne Tanton

Sean Anderson

Somrak Maneemai (Yen)

Sonja Cook

Stalley Briton

Steve Stafford

Stuart Clues

Suellen Cook

Tamika Bannister

Tina Eacher

Tony Ryan

Wendy Helleman

Yvonne Griffith

Zina Kurtschenko