Gallery Salamanca Welcomes Award-Winnng Multi-Medium Tasmanian Artist, Joy Allison

Joy Allison Relief Sculpture ~ 'Scriptus II' - Gallery Salamanca Hobart Tasmania

"Tasmania’s surrounding water stimulates contemplation, discovery and fabrication. 

It is the intrigue of what could lurk in the layers of water that encircle the island that has allowed me to reach beneath the surface to draw up my vision and interpretation of marine life. 

With Relief Sculpture, I have been able to create very sensitive and delicate work as well as very strong and powerful pieces that can be mounted on a wall. This three-dimensional art form has allowed me the opportunity to explore and exploit a wide range of textures and ideas, without occupying “too much space”. These pieces often take many months to complete.

From my home, I can witness constantly changing light patterns in the sky and reflections on the surface of the Derwent River. At the same time, I cannot help but imagine the interplay of sea life, textures, and light happening beneath the tides. This is the force driving my current artistic endeavours. The variations in size and form of marine life, the ‘personalities” and fragility of the different species culminates and leaves me in awe and drives my desire to create. 

I have created a number of whimsical works that reflect my personal interpretation of sea creatures, which in my imagination could swim happily in our Tasmanian waters. However, they have surfaced and been mounted for those who are curious about what lies in the depths.

I invite you to share my journey and artwork." ~ Joy Allison

Artist: Joy Allison
Type: Relief Sculpture
Medium: Wire and Papier Mache
Dimensions: H= 85cm x L= 133cm
Eligible for the COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme