Experience Mindfulness with Suellen Cook's Latest Work ~ 'In the Moment'

Suellen Cook Art Photography ~ 'In the Moment' - Gallery Salamanca Hobart Tasmania

"'In the Moment' is all about now, immersed in tranquility, making the most of opportunities as they present themselves, soaking up the serenity, keeping a quiet mind, developing equanimity, enjoying the simple things life has to offer, living a good life, making fulfilling choices and making the most of what we have rather than coveting what we can’t have.
Love life, cherish the small things, be kind, mindful and take pleasure in the moment and all will be right in your world." ~ Suellen Cook
Suellen Saidee Cook 
Award Winning Fine Art Photographer 
Limited Edition of 50 
Dimensions: Unframed: H= 53.3cm x L= 53.3cm
Dimensions: Framed (UV Protected Gallery Glass): H= 88cm x L= 86cm
Eligible for the COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme