Gallery Salamanca
Salamanca Arts Centre
65 Salamanca Place
Hobart, TAS 7004 Australia
+61 3 6223 5022 p
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Open M-F 10–5:30 / S-S 10-5


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Enjoy Your Australia Days...


"No. 21 Ficifolia Street is the quintessential beach shack, long summer holidays in the surf and sand, carefree, relaxed and freedom from the daily grind. As you drove up past the gate you could smell the sea air, feel the sea breeze, you'd be getting excited to find all the gear you had stashed away at the end of last summer and go for a swim, surf, or build a sand castle....Brown as berries (perhaps not these days) bare foot, ouch at first but the callouses would build up over the summer so you could walk anywhere (the challenge was along the gravel road to the shop!) sand would be in everything much to mum's annoyance, freshly caught flathead fish on the barbeque for tea. Sun-burnt bodies, salty hair and a slightly gritty feeling in your bed as the sounds of the waves serenaded you to sleep. Those were the days." ~ Suellen Cook ~

Happy 2016 from Gallery Salamanca!



A celebration of the arts, Gallery Salamanca's mission is to support and serve artists and craftspeople by engaging the community through the sale of arts and crafts and the promotion of exhibits in Hobart. Our purpose is to support, preserve and commemorate Australian, specifically Tasmanian, handmade works and their makers.